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Vision, Turkeys and Africa

November 30, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

Update: Thanks to several local Lions Clubs, and financial supporters like you, we met our funds goal and were able to purchase the auto-refractor! We appreciate your support! For details, read the rest of this article. I hope that you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving. I was blessed to spend the day with [...]

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People, Relationships and Lessons: An African Experience

March 22, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

This post was written by WAGC volunteer and Africa mission team member Bethany Raudenbush. This is just a sample of the kind of info you’ll find in our upcoming Special Africa Report. Stay tuned for that! When trying to write a summary of my experience for this report I found that I was at a [...]

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Beautiful People

January 21, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

This post was written by Carolyn Snell, who attended the Africa Mission Trip in 2010. In 2009, I received a nudge from God to participate in a mission trip to Zambia, Africa with the organization We’re All God’s Children. This particular mission trip was to entail vision screening and then provide eyeglasses to the poor. “But [...]

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Why I’m Going Back

December 30, 2015  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

This post was written by Carol Fanelli, Founder of WAGC, who will be traveling to Africa in February 2016 for a mission trip along with her husband Tom and a volunteer team. “You’ll come back, won’t you? You won’t forget us?” I can still hear those words, spoken as we were leaving from our first [...]

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Meet Pastor Andrew Guya

August 09, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

Today I would like to introduce you to Andrew Guya. I met Andrew on my first mission trip to Kenya with Pastor OM Panicker in 2006. After two long flights we arrived in the city of Nairobi where we were introduced to a quiet soft spoken man with a huge smile who we were told [...]

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Christmas in July!

July 23, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

I was cleaning up my desk area – a job I admit doesn’t get done often enough – when lo and behold I came upon a package I had received in late June. This package started its journey in Lusaka, Zambia late in 2012 and slowly made its way across the ocean and through Virginia [...]

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The Soko/Banda Scholarship Fund: Turning Tragedy Into Hope

May 28, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   1 Comment

On Tuesday, April 9, 2013 tragedy struck the small village of Grippis, Zambia when three brothers lost their lives while trying to catch fish to feed their family. Apparently the three young men were at the sewage treatment ponds where there is a large pipe that the water runs into from the ponds. The fish [...]

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The Well Dedication

April 26, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

You may have been following our story about the Mwapwa Village in Africa in desperate need of a well for clean water. We first posted about the situation in Mwapwa Village at Christmastime and the wonderful woman who came forward with a solution. We gave you more background information about the people in the village [...]

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The Well: Water is Life

April 02, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

This post was written by Carol Fanelli, Africa Team Leader They first heard about it at Christmas. It was an answer to prayers. The village was getting a well! No more dropping a bucket into a hole filled with muddy water. No more mothers crying on the inside as they watched their children drink dirty [...]

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A Great Need and A Remarkable Family in Mwapwa Village

January 19, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Africa   |   0 Comment

This post was contributed by Carol Fanelli, Africa Team Leader. A few weeks ago I wrote about a “Christmas Miracle” taking place in a small African village in Zambia. Thanks to a wonderful donor, the gift of a well providing clean water is about to become a reality. It is the rainy season now in [...]

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