This post is one in a series of articles from We’re All God’s Children‘s trip to Zambia, Africa in the summer of 2012. Each of the team members wrote about their experiences. Below is one of many heartfelt accounts.

Note about Marla: As a licensed midwife, Marla holds new life in her hands often, but it’s preventing the loss of this new life that spurs her on. Her desire to share knowledge with the women of Zambia that will bring about more healthy births was evident in all of her encounters. Equally as evident was her strong faith that our God is big enough to carry the burdens of His people. Thank you, Marla for sharing that knowledge.

Marla with girl Zambia 2012

Marla with little girl

Marla’s Thoughts:

The mission trip to Zambia with We Are All God’s children began back in February 2012 for me when God put it on my heart to attend a seminar on midwifery volunteerism in developing countries.  It was given by a very experienced midwife who has started a number of birth centers in developing nations.

She has helped to decrease the maternal infant mortality rate by providing the sorely needed professional care that so many women do not have access to. Every minute and a half a woman dies in pregnancy/childbirth and most of these women are from third world countries. How sad. This does not have to be.  This should not be.

When I attended the meeting with Carol and Tom Fanelli about this upcoming trip at my church I knew then that God was calling me to go. Carol had voiced her desire to have teaching for the women on prenatal care. I hadn’t mentioned it. I was well prepared to share some valuable, even life saving information to the women at Grippis and other villages. I would go.

I shared on prenatal care, birth preparedness, breast feeding, postpartum and newborn care.

Marla women's kits Zambia 2012

Marla handing out personal care kits to the women

God gave me precious opportunities as I shared with the women.  It was heartbreaking to hear how some of the babies had died.  Again, it didn’t have to be. I prayed.

I connected with a ministry couple at another village.  They want to start a birth center! I will be in touch with them and see what the Lord has in store.

I was curious about how the women actually labor and give birth to their babies. God opened a door in His perfect timing for me to labor sit with a woman in one of the Villages. I do believe that the greatest fulfillment in life is when you know God is in the midst of what you are doing.

Marla teaching women Zambia 2012

Marla teaching the women

I prayed for a lot of the precious people in Zambia. After the people went through the process of getting their eyeglasses they had opportunity to have prayer.  I prayed with Karen Moore who led the prayer ministry.

I had two day’s worth of opportunities to pray.  Person after person would come through the line.  It was such a privilege to pray.  It was also very draining.  I had to come to terms with believing God for some big prayers.  But He is a big God. Many of the people we prayed for didn’t want to leave.

So many precious adults and children to show God’s love to. They also showed God’s love to me in many ways. God loves His creation.

So much more to say, so much more.

God’s people need to be on the offensive to stave off the forces of darkness. There is much darkness in Zambia.We need to be about our Father’s business.

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