This post was written by Carol Fanelli, Founder of WAGC, who will be traveling to Africa in February 2016 for a mission trip along with her husband Tom and a volunteer team.

Carol & Tom Fanelli “You’ll come back, won’t you? You won’t forget us?” I can still hear those words, spoken as we were leaving from our first visit to Zambia in 2010, clear and pleading all around me. We had helped with the beginnings of the very first brick school ever built in the small, dusty village of Grippis.

Hundreds of villagers from miles around had received their first vision check and more than half of those examined received prescription eyeglasses or readers. The first well in the village was dug providing clean, sweet, life-giving water.

And my heart was never the same after that.

mobile clinic at school ZambiaFast forward 5 years – the school consisting of three blocks of four rooms is completely built and under roof.

Financed with sweat equity and meager donations from the villagers, along with larger donations from many different visiting teams, the school is a testimony to the desire of the villagers to provide their children with a chance to succeed by giving them a formal education. In 2012, a second well next to the school was added, along with another first – brick latrines for both boys and girls.

My heart is bursting with joy!

Pastor Andrew Guya KenyaI remember watching in January 2006, at a beautiful ceremony in Kenya, as Andrew Guya was anointed to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The new father of a 3 week old son beamed as he pledged to bring the message of salvation and hope to those living in a country still rooted in and following the ancient traditions of animism.

This year, 2015, Pastor Andrew (with two more sons added to the family) has planted a new church on the outskirts of Nairobi after pastoring an ICCM church for7 years.

His vision is to open a community center where people can learn Christian business practices along with trades so they can become independent and support their families while living the Christian faith.

My heart praises God for His faithfulness.

Is it any wonder our hearts long to return to Africa? Tom and I look forward to encouraging our many contacts and moving forward in faith and hope with God’s love and mercy to those we have not yet met.

We are leading another team to Africa in February 2016, this time to minister for one week each in both Zambia and Kenya. We will be reviewing the work we started on previous trips, conducting more vision clinics, and assessing future ways we can share God’s message of hope.

We invite you to open your heart and join us on this mission experience.

children at school praying Zambia

These trips are both physically and spiritually exhausting. We need the support of your prayers that we would be physically, mentally and spiritually able to meet the obstacles we meet along the way.

If you would like to become a prayer partner as we prepare these next few weeks and during our visit in February, please contact me and I will suggest specific ways you can pray for us, the team, and the villagers.

Monetary donations are also welcomed and accepted at this time. If you’d like to help support this trip in a financial way, click here to donate. Just type “Africa trip” in the notes section when making your donation.

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