From its onset, We’re All God’s Children (WAGC) has been concerned with the plight of those living in poverty and hopelessness in rural Africa. We felt it important to work with well-established and trustworthy organizations that already had roots in the community. Not only was it important that we trust the organization in question, but the local people had to trust them as well.

On our first two mission trips to Africa we worked with the InterContinental Christian Ministries (ICCM), an agency which works to spread the gospel and offers free medical care to those of all faiths in rural Kenya. Our foundation partnered with ICCM to hold free medical camps in the rural villages surrounding Eldoret. There are no established hospitals or medical care facilities in these villages. People must walk miles for help. This journey can prove difficult–sometimes impossible. Poverty makes it impossible to afford medical care even if they could reach a hospital.

Every day in a small African village is about survival.

Kenya mission trip 2006 We're All God's Children

One of the most serious problems the local villagers face is the lack of clean water. Many people must walk several miles a day for water and carry heavy gallon jugs by hand or on a bicycle. Severe drought is a daily threat. There is a lack of sanitary conditions which begets diseases such as malaria and typhoid– diseases we in America no longer face. Unfortunately, due to the extreme violence in Kenya following the election of January 2008, plans for future visits there were temporarily suspended. To learn more about our experiences in Kenya, read our Special Africa Report 2006 and our Special Africa Report 2007.

After much prayer on how we should continue our mission, we were led to partner with Grassroots Heroes International, an organization which acts as a conduit that links donors with grassroots relief and development projects in the Third World.

2010- Grippis Farm

Grippis Farm mission trip Zambia 2010 We're All God's Children

In August 2010, we sent a 16 member team to the small rural village of Grippis Farm outside of Lusaka, Zambia. So much was accomplished – a large storage shed was built, more than 1,030 people had free vision checkups with more than half of them receiving eyeglasses, a new well was dug, ­preparations were made to begin construction of a new brick school building, the Good News was preached, and the doors of many villages were opened wide to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read the heartfelt stories written by our hardworking team members in our Special Africa Report 2010.

We continued to see the fruit of our labors in 2010 manifested through the improved health and vision in the remote areas of Zambia.

2012- Zambia

Zambia mission trip 2012 We're All God's Children

In June of 2012, a team of 16 individuals from across the country were privileged to once again bring much needed services to rural Africa. Our group included a vision team, a practicing midwife, three experienced teachers, a chaplain, a construction supervisor, and a retired civil engineer. The work that was accomplished was astounding as we were able to reach more than 1,125 people.  To experience the trip through the eyes of our team members, read our Special Africa Report 2012.

Partnering with Benjamin Wellness Center

Gatamaiyu mission trip Africa 2014 We're All God's Children

Amazingly, we were brought back to Kenya again when we met up with Peter Mbugua of The Benjamin Wellness Center, a gentleman we had met in 2005 while planning our very first mission trip to Africa. Peter, and his wife Gail, have been providing medical and dental care to the people in the village where he was born since 2010 but never had the resources to offer vision care.

In January 2014, we participated in a health clinic in the village of Gatamaiyu where the villagers received medical, dental, physical therapy and now vision services. We also brought our traveling vision clinic to a pastor friend working in an extremely poor section of Nairobi. In all, we provided free eyeglasses to more than 1,100 residents. Read more about that trip in our Africa Report 2014.

The Joseph Project

However, our work has not stopped now that we have returned from Africa. Read about the Joseph Project to see how God brought several needs together in a way that will change many lives forever. With your help, we can continue to offer carpentry classes to the men in the village, providing for the needs of the school, and teaching the men a life skill so they can earn a modest income.

Soko/Banda Scholarship Fund

We are also working to provide education to the children of Grippis, Zambia after a terrible tragedy killed three young brothers. Read more about the Soko/Banda Scholarship Fund and find out how you can ensure more children will receive the education they so desperately need to become self-sufficient members of their village.

Millie’s Well

To learn how one of our supporters changed the lives of an entire village read The Story of Millie’s Well. It is the heartwarming story of how one woman’s gift brought about a true Christmas miracle.

Next Trip: February 2016

Plans are now underway for our next visit to Africa in February 2016. We will return to both Zambia and Kenya. In Zambia we will assist with finishing touches on the school that was started back in 2010. God has been so faithful and we are privileged to see the construction from the beginning to the end. What a change for the community!

We will also host vision clinics with the assistance of ministries in four rural areas in Zambia and Kenya. Our vision has changed – we now train local people to work alongside us in the clinics, enabling them to take part in improving the lives of their communities.

Are you willing to join us in making a difference? Please pray for good health and traveling mercies for the team. Pray that we will have the right eyeglasses needed to help as many people as possible. Above all, keep the villagers lifted up, that through us they will come to know the love and saving grace of our merciful Father.

Donation mailing address: We’re All God’s Children  243 Buttercup Drive  New Providence, PA 17560