The Joseph Project

While in Zambia (June 2012) we discovered there was a great need for student desks, tables & chairs, and bookcases for the new Mango Grove School building. With limited resources, it was difficult to decide what to purchase. We decided to pray and put this need into God’s hands.

The Needs of the People

Another very real need that presented itself was a way to reach the young men with the Word of God. It was obvious this was the only way to change the cycle of hopelessness, drunkenness, and abuse; but the men were not willing to listen to a preacher. We added this concern to our prayer list as well.

Meanwhile leaders in the community had been struggling for months to find a way to afford and implement a life skills training course, such as the existing Sewing Class, to the residents of Grippis. Unknown to us they had been praying for quite some time for an answer to this problem.

Prayers Answered

Then God in His infinite wisdom drew us all together. These three issues could all be addressed by the development of a carpentry class for the men of the village financed by existing funds from We’re All God’s Children. This new class would offer the men the opportunity to learn a skill which would help them provide for their families.

The class, named The Joseph Project after Jesus’ earthly father, would teach Biblical principles as well. The students, who are each gifted with their own personal Bible, are encouraged before each class with Bible readings and spiritual life lessons. The men who participated would then be required to build desks and other needed items for the school to complete the course.

Prayer Joseph Project

Prayer Before Beginning (The Joseph Project)

Getting Started

The first two month course began in August with 18 men interested. At the end of September 10 men had stayed faithfully with the basic carpentry skills class and were ready for putting their knowledge into practice by building desks for the children. With more support from We’re All God’s Children they have purchased enough wood to make 25 double student desks! And now we have come full circle.

Supplies Joseph Project

Supplies (The Joseph Project)

Men Working Joseph Project

Men Hard at Work Building (The Joseph Project)

Completed Desk Joseph Project

Completed Desk (The Joseph Project)

How You Can Help

Over the years The Joseph Project has continued to hone the skills of newcomers and graduates alike. Several men in the community have become self-sufficient by making and selling small pieces of furniture and other basic items to the surrounding community.

Beginning in 2016, the craft of welding was added to the list of trade skills taught. We are assisting by purchasing the equipment and supplies needed to learn these skills. As the men learn, they will create windows and doors for the school building, enabling the villagers to have a secure environment for their children. . The purchase of additional supplies will allow the men to offer their services to the community at large.

With your help, we can continue to make more desks and other needed items for the newly completed school and have these graduates earn a modest income. At the same time, we can offer this basic course to other rural villages, spreading God’s Word as we go along.

Your gift of $40 will cover one desk for two students. Bookcases and tables can be created for a donation of $75 and you can send a student to class for one month with a $100 contribution. Welding supplies can be purchased for $150 enabling a wider opportunity for more men to become self-sufficient and able to care for their families.

One person can make a difference. Will you be that one person to help a young man struggling to change his life? If you’d like to donate toward this cause, please enter “Joseph Project” in the message section on the PayPal donation page.

You can also write a donation/sponsorship check payable to

WAGC (We’re All God’s Children) and mail to:

 We’re All God’s Children, 243 Buttercup Drive, New Providence, PA  17560

 Again, please note  “Joseph Project” in the memo section of your check.

Thank you for your support!