El Salvador

Esther's Heart Ministry volunteer with children El Salvador

Esther’s Heart Ministry (EHM) is our service partner on the ground in El Salvador. Founded by Beth Algeria, a missionary from Lancaster, PA, the ministry offers help and hope to desperately poor children living in the communities of San Salvador. 

Their main goals are to bring these children into God’s family, provide them with basic necessities, and to raise up a generation who will minister to others in every corner of El Salvador.

They do this by supplying food, education and healthcare to the poorest children in San Salvador. They also provide safe and fun activities for the children and youth such as English classes, Bible classes, and summer camps. Our goal is to support EHM by providing financial assistance for some of their special programs and sending short-term mission teams to support the activities of their hardworking staff.

Contact us for more information on this program or click here to learn about our next mission trip scheduled for the summer of 2019.


Who is God's next generation in El Salvador? In El Salvador, 4 out of 10 children live on just $1.25 per day. This creates serious conditions for children who lack access to sufficient nutrition, water, and other basic needs. Approximately 440,000 children are forced to start working between the ages of 6 and 7.  Because they start working at such a young age, many children can't attend school. 

The encouraging news is that God is bringing an increasing number of children into a relationship with Him. We are trusting God to reach the 49% of the children living in severe poverty. We want God to win these children to Him, provide their basic needs, and to raise up a generation to be sent out to every corner of El Salvador to win others to Him and to break the cycle of poverty in El Salvador.


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