Committed to sharing God's gifts among all peoples of the world.


Our Partners in Zambia

Zambia well image

We have strong partners in several rural villages and have seen many positive changes over the years. We’ve financed wells and helped build schools, offered medical and vision care and taught life skills, but there’s so much more to do… 

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Our Partners in Kenya

Kenya eye clinic image

From the city of Nairobi, to the Great Rift Valley, and onward to the tea plantations of the interior, we’ve traveled all over offering vision care and eyeglasses for the body, and the Gospel for the soul. In return we’ve experienced some fantastic safari outings… 

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The Joseph Project


This program teaches the skills of carpentry and welding to men in a village in Zambia, allowing them to be contributing members of their society.

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Soko/Banda Scholarship Fund


 All contributions made to this fund will be used to further the education of children living in poverty in Grippis. 

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